What can we do?

In this area has our company the biggest experience in Olomouc county. We begun with the management of immovable assests in 1992. That time only for fyzical persons – new owners from restitutions. We completed as the first one in Olomouc the transfer of 55 flats in 1994. We were also managing the flats of Moravských železáren, a.s. Olomouc, Prefy Grygov, a.s., nemovitosti MSA Dolní Benešov, GEODES Olomouc. We succeded in management by results for this companies: Nestlé Praha, a.s. a Milo tuky, a.s., Olomouc.

Our service

Our philosophy is to satisfy the customer with complete sort of services from the taxes to the law service.

What do we offer:

  • we ensure all the services with using the flats and non-residential estates: heat supply, water supply,
  • accountancy of each building on special account,
  • the best fare for building insurance,
  • keeping the house clean and ensure all the repaires,
  • regular revisions and technical inspections – gas, electricity, hydrants, lifts

“performance of all the laws and duties of owner””

How much will you pay?

We charge a fee every month from 95,- to 180,-Kč/flat depanding of the range of services. We are convinced that you will give priority to quality, certainty and reliability.