Our Services

What can you expect?

Professional team which will suit right to your demands. The basic philosophy of our company is to satisfy our clients with the whole range of service. This start with the estimation of the value of the property, making the foto and video documentation. Another step is to provide the expert opinion, geometrical plans and all operations needed. We are able to sell the the immobility in auction, assortment action or in bussiness competition.
Our all-inclusive commission stands between 1-6% depanding on the bussiness price. We will provide you by all the information during the bussiness.

What can we do?

  • set the price of immovables in time, place and conditions,
  • estimate the real value of the property and recommend the right way of handling the selling, buying or letting,
  • to undertake all the important steps including to suggest a contract,
  • to aplicate the act No.72/1994 Sb about the selling the apartments or …..a including the express of the owner,
  • transfer of the laws to the cooperative apartmants,
  • managment of the houses, apartments and commercial buildings.

Our satisfied customers?

Except hundreds of satisfied private persons we have also helped this famous bussiness partners:

Nestlé Praha TK development Praha
MILO Olomouc; Magnum Vyškov
SMA Dolní Benešov MAFRA, a.s. Praha
Philips Hranice na Moravě Condata Olomouc
AB Železniční, Olomouc Moravské železárny, a.s., Olomouc
UNEX, a.s. Uničov Prefa, a.s. Grygov
Haná ZZN, a.s. Olomouc PTR, a.s. Olomouc
Odetka, a.s. Vrbno pod Pradědem Agrega, a.s. Bludov
SK Sigma MŽ Olomouc PRODOS s.r.o. Olomouc
BESTOL, s.r.o. Olomouc STAVOMAT, s.r.o. Olomouc
Zbrojovka, a.s. Vsetín Elitex Jablonec nad Nisou
Agrostav Val.Meziříčí Bivoj, a.s. Opava
BILLA Praha PRAMET, a.s. Šumperk

Who will satisfy your needs?

A professional team of experts and co-workers. Eventhough our company has a limited number of employers, we can make a great team of outsourcing consultants on field of law, taxes, geodets, projectants or finance. We only deal with real experts. We participate with the biggest finance groups and the biggest names in construction industry.
To the good atmospehere in our office also contribute regular meetings outside the office. We often visit seminars, which help to stay still on top in the field of real estates.

We are ready to devote to you any time. We are looking forward to your visit.