Purchase & sale

Would you like to sell,buy or let a flat, house, cottage, properte, garden or garage?

What to do first?

You should think about how much of your time does the whole transaction take. Is it possible to do it by yourself, ever that you have not do this before. You should concern all things for and against. If you forget just one step on the long way you are back at the start. Do not forget that you can loose a big amount of your money, if the business gets into legal suits.
If you do not have such an experience you should find an expert in real estate field. It is the same like when you buy a new car or go on holiday with travel agency.

How to recognize the right real estate?

In case you decide to find experts, means real estate, it is important to choose a good one. We would like to give you some advices before your start.

  1. Always look for a long-time-on-market real estates. Do not trust to individuals, who offer you the best prices, but do not have even an office.
  2. Once you are in an office look at the equipment, behavior of the workers and atmosphere of the office .
  3. Ask for references and history of the real estate.
  4. Keep an eye on the contract. You can not do to much after you sign some version.
  5. Do not sign anything under pressure. Always take a time to good think about the whole business.
  6. Ask for paper, that the real estate is in charge to sell the asset. You save your money and time.
  7. Always have a look at the place, where the property is. Do not trust only pictures or videos. It is wise to consult everything with experts.
  8. Do the business seriously. Because if you have followed all the points above you should find the right real estate.

A good business is just question of trusting your business parner.

Why to choose a real estate which participates in Association of real estates in Czech republic?

  1. Such a real estate is linked in ethic kodex of real estate broker – member of ARK CR. In case of breaking the kodex can be given penalties.
  2. The owner has a special course, which includes the whole problematic of real estates.
  3. The office has a contract of insurance for risks in the bussiness.
  4. The office can into brokerage contract or other contracts ( lease, lease-purchase) put arbitration clause according to law 216/1994 Sb.

The documents

For first contact with the real estate you will be asked for this documents, needed to conclusion of the contract:

  • title to selling immovable assets (mutual wills, contract of gift, former contract of purchase, documents of surrounding, final permit of use)
  • extract from the Land Register
  • foto of cadastral map
  • in case of representation of owner or other co-owners power of attorney with verified signature of assignor
  • other documents ( expert opinion, technical documentation, …)

If you do not have all the documents for disposal, it is possible to actualize them with our cooperation.